Al Stewart


Why do you ride?   

I love the fact bicycles are so efficient and one can go far & fairly fast by just eating food.  I really enjoy riding in groups, time really goes by fast.

What kind of bicycle do you ride?

Depends on the season or who I’m with.  Giant, Specialized, Bianchi (road) Burley tandem, Klein & Haro (mt. bikes), Schwin (2nd bike I owned as a kid) Single speed (for fun) & a unicycle to entertain the neighbors on occasion.

What do you carry with you when you ride and how do you carry it?

Commuting a small back pack for “stuff” (always)  seat pack with 2 tubes, tire levers, compressed air, & multi tool

Where do you ride most often?

East to Auburn, West to Goffstown, NW to Dunbarton

Do you ride year round?

No - winter is running & x country skiing

What’s your favorite riding experience in Manchester?

The friendly people on the West Side bike trail, everyone smiles & is courteous!

What city bike rack do you use most often?

In front of the Y

At what locations would you like to see bike racks that don’t currently have them?

Brady Sullivan Plaza or Victory Park would be a great places I would use.