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In Manchester, bikes mean business.

It is no coincidence that business districts with the safest bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure are also some of the most financially successful and least vacant. Businesses thrive when people feel comfortable enough to bike up, walk in, and spend money. As these current Bike Manchester member businesses already know, Bike Manchester is paving the way for successful business districts through advocating for the transformation of our streets into places that are safe and accessible for people to bike.

Since forming in the fall of 2013, Bike Manchester has helped to bring about the city’s first bike lanes, among other positive bicycling developments in Manchester.

But with your support, we can do so much more.

By joining to Bike Manchester you demonstrate to your customers and employees (and potential customers and employees) that your business understands the issues facing bicyclists in our community and you’re committed to making bicycling a safer and more enjoyable experience in the city. Bike Manchester will leverage every cent of your membership dollars to build a stronger bicycling community and engage in advocacy efforts focused on bicycling infrastructure, safety, promotion, and education in the Queen City—all of which have the potential to help your bottom line.

Joining Bike Manchester is one of the most important and simple actions you can take to make Manchester a bicycle-friendly city. Become a member today.

Oh, and did we mention by joining you will receive a host of benefits like:

  • One Bike Manchester Member decal for your business and digital image for your website
  • Hyperlinked listing on the Business Member page on the Bike Manchester website
  • Announcement of support in the Bike Manchester email newsletter and via Bike Manchester’s social media outlets, all linking to your choice of website or social media profile
  • An annual report detailing Bike Manchester’s progress on improving bicycling in the city
  • Discounted Bike Manchester memberships for employees
  • Supporting the city’s only bicycle advocacy organization

What are you waiting for? Join today!

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