Dan Brian

Dan Brian manchester nh

Why do you ride?

It’s economical transportation and exercise. Gyms are the worst.

What kind of bicycle do you ride?

A Trek Utopia, Gary Fisher series. It’s a hybrid between a street and mountain bike and I love it. It’s pretty ideal for city riding.

What do you carry with you when you ride and how do you carry it?

Usually a backpack filled with work things, as I ride to and from work, but when I’m out recreationally, I usually just carry a tire replacement kit, a water bottle, and maybe a snack in the same pack.

I also keep my cellphone on a mount on the front of the bike for Runkeeper data.

Where do you ride most often?

Usually downtown and the Millyard, as I’m a pretty practical rider and I go run errands or meet up with friends down that way. But the Livingston Pond trail is also great!

Do you ride year round?

Not yet, but with my job being so close now, I might make that leap this year and buy some more robust tires for the winter onslaught.

What’s your favorite riding experience in Manchester?

The Livingston Pond trails when they’re not too busy.

What city bike rack do you use most often?

The tree in front of Republic Cafe.

At what locations would you like to see bike racks that don’t currently have them?

Elm Street and the Double Midnight Comics plaza on Valley St.