Eric Zulaski


Why do you ride?

I ride for the joy of free movement. It’s great exercise, it’s cheap, it’s clean and it’s quiet. Cycling allows me to enjoy my surroundings without imposing on them.

What kind of bicycle do you ride?

I ride a Raleigh ten-speed.

What do you carry with you when you ride and how do you carry it?

I always carry water, a helmet, a bike lock, a bell and horn, a few tools, patches, lights, straps to keep my pants out of the chain, and a bright vest in case I don’t feel conditions are safe. That is all kept in panniers.

Where do you ride most often?

I mostly ride around town: to and from work (crossing the Bridge St. bridge), grocery shopping and other errands.

Do you ride year round?

I ride around eight months of the year. Though I will ride in a January heat wave.

What’s your favorite riding experience in Manchester?

My favorite ride is anything downhill, like down Lake Ave, Hanover St. or Union St. towards downtown. It’s fun to keep up with cars driving 30 mph-as long as the potholes are avoidable.

What city bike rack do you use most often?

Most of the time I have to use light posts, trees and street signs to lock my bike up. The rack I use most often might be Market Basket’s (when employees are not encouraging a boycott).

At what locations would you like to see bike racks that don’t currently have them?

Elm St. desperately needs bike racks near the businesses.