Feedback request: City Stress Map

The Southern New Hampshire Planning Commission (SNHPC) along with New Hampshire Department of Transportation (NHDOT) are classifying road segments by “Level of Traffic Stress” (LTS) for roads in the City of Manchester:

Four LTS are used as follows, which were taken from “Low-Stress Bicycling and Network Connectivity” prepared by Mineta Transportation Institute.

LTS 1: Most children cyclists can tolerate

LTS 2: The mainstream adult cyclists can tolerate

LTS 3: “Enthused and confident” cyclists can tolerate

LTS 4: “Strong and fearless” cyclists can tolerate

LTS are identified for both left and right sides of a two-way road segment. Right side on a one way road segment is assumed that cyclists only use right side of the road, so that only right side is classified by LTS.

Please review the attached LTS map and identify any road that you think LTS on the map doesn’t match your knowledge, especially pay much more attention on these road segments classified as LTS 1.  If you have comments or suggested revisions, please contact Julie Chen or Amy Kizak within the next two weeks at (603) 669-4664 or or akizak@snhpc.orgWe look forward to receiving your feedback by the end of the day October 10, 2014. Your assistance in this matter is very much appreciated.