Jane Beaulieu

jane beaulieu manchester nh bike manchester

Why do you ride ?

I ride for the exercise and I love to be outside.

What kind of bike do you ride ?

I love my yellow Trek 1500 roadbike. It’s lightweight and fits perfect.

What do you carry and how?

I carry my cell phone, my debit card, water, a tube and hand pump in a back pack. On longer trips I carry all in my camelpak.

Where do you ride most often?

I ride around the city early morning when the weather permits. If I have time and the sun is shining I will ride for hours along the coast or along a mapped out scenic route.

Do you ride year round?

No. I walk or Xcountry ski in the wintertime. I ride other seasons but not after dark.

What’s your favorite riding experience in Manchester?

Riding the West Side (Piscataquog) trail with my grandson. My most favorite ride was from Manchester to Peterborough and back….great hills and a wide route 101 shoulder.

What’s been your worst?

I can’t think of a worst. I avoid busy streets after 7:00 am and do not ride in the cold rain.