Bike Manchester launches 50/50 Bike Rack Program

City businesses, nonprofits eligible to have a bike rack installed on/near their property for just $200

Jan. 5, 2014—In an effort to increase the number and visibility of bike racks across the city so that more people will be encouraged to ride bicycles more often to more destinations, Bike Manchester is proud to announce the Manchester 50/50 Bike Rack Program.

Funded by a grant from the Central New Hampshire Bicycling Coalition, the program gives Manchester business and commercial property owners, as well as city nonprofits the opportunity to purchase and have permanently installed bike rack on or near their properties at 50 percent of cost, or just $200.

“Bicycling is on the rise in Manchester and businesses that make it easier for bicyclists to park safety and securely will reap the economic rewards,” said Bike Manchester lead organizer Will Stewart.

The Manchester 50/50 Bike Rack Program is open to all business owners, nonprofits, and commercial property owners whose businesses and/or properties are located within the City of Manchester. Bike racks can be located on either private property or public sidewalks.

However, all proposed sidewalk locations must meet with the approval of the City of Manchester Department of Public Works, with whom Bike Manchester is partnering on the 50/50 Bike Rack Program. All bike racks installed on private property will become property of said property owners, who assume all liability for said bike racks and shall be responsible for all future maintenance and upkeep. Bike racks installed on public sidewalks will become property of the City of Manchester.

The bike racks themselves will each provide parking for two bicycles and will be permanently installed by a contractor selected by the City of Manchester Department of Public Works. Given the limited supply of 15 bike racks, coupled with the expected demand, applicants are limited to one bike rack per location. Business interested in applying to take part in the program must do so by Feb. 28 at

Bike rack applications will be evaluated on, and priority given to, those whose proposed bike rack locations are most visible to the public, are accessible to the greatest numbers of bicyclists and potential bicyclists, and on the strength of the applicants’ plans to promote bike rack use to their customers, employees, and/or commercial tenants.

Questions about the program can be sent to bike (at) bikemht (dot) com.