Volunteers needed May 21 and 24 for bicycle counting project

Collecting ridership data will help make case for bicycle infrastructure investment

Bike Manchester seeks volunteers to count bicyclists and pedestrians on May 21 and 24, at eight intersections around Manchester.

One of the biggest challenges facing  bicycle advocacy groups like Bike Manchester is a lack of bicycle ridership data. Without accurate and consistent data - how many bicyclists use city streets, where they ride, etc. - it is difficult to measure the positive benefits of investments in bicycle infrastructure like dedicated bike lanes, especially when data on other modes of transportation (such as automobiles) are readily available.

To help rectify this situation, Bike Manchester will participate in the National Bicycle & Pedestrian Documentation Project, which aims to collect such data across the country at the same date and time using the same method of data collection.

Bike Manchester seeks 24 volunteers to each take one two-hour shift counting bicyclists and pedestrians on either Saturday, May 21 (12-2 p.m.), or Tuesday, May 24 (5-7 p.m.). Want to see bike lanes and other bicycle infrastructure in Manchester? Sign up for your shift here.

A brief training will be held in advance of the count dates to familiarize volunteers with procedures and answer some common questions.