Peter Noonan

peter noonan

Why do you ride?

For the pure fun of it! The health benefits are secondary, but still important. The feel of being out in the fresh air, wind in your face, makes me feel like a kid.

What kind of bicycle do you ride?

I ride a 2008 Bianchi Brava steel frame road bike. I like the feel of it on the road (my first ‘adult’ bike was an 1985 steel Peugeot Versailles 12 speed).

What do you carry with you when you ride and how do you carry it?
A Topeak wedge below my seat is my basic carry-all for a tiny repair kit and my wallet; and a water bottle stuck on the frame. If I’m about town and need extra storage for jacket or a few groceries, a small bike pack usually works.

Where do you ride most often?

Because being on a bike is a relaxing sport for me, the winding, flat, beautiful roads on the coast are my favorite choice for biking (New Castle, Portsmouth, Rye). The hills of Bedford and Goffstown are also much fun, such as a ride to Uncanoonuc. In Manchester, I enjoy the relative quiet of the North End side streets.

Do you ride year round?

Dear Lord no. I’m a lazy wimp and, as I get older, find cold-weather biking to be just not too much fun. Also, my bike may not handle the ice and snow of downtown. Three seasons is best.

What’s your favorite riding experience in Manchester?

I enjoy the bike path to the West Side and across the river. It’s a peaceful oasis from the hectic bustle of the city.

What city bike rack do you use most often?

I rarely use bike racks, but when I need to park the bike, they are more often than not the lamp posts in front of Republic or trees near City Hall (is that legal? Hmm).

At what locations would you like to see racks that don’t currently have them?

All up and down Elm St at regular intervals and Hanover and/or Amherst St. Also, more around the Puritan Backroom (I need a place for the bike when I order a Mudslide to go).