RC Victorino

rc-victorino manchester nh

Why do you ride?

Primarily as my voluntary & preferred method of travel (I recently sold my car for the heck of it). Plus, riding my bike makes each travel experience a journey, rather than being sedentary, seated in a car that guides me from here to there.

What kind of bicycle do you ride?

Refurbished Schwinn Le Tour, circa 1985 that I picked up at Bike Barn.

What do you carry with you when you ride and how do you carry it?

What don’t I carry? My Topeak pannier bag carries everything from my phone, laptop, groceries, water, book, gym shoes and more. It beats carrying it all in my backpack - let the bike do the work, plus then my back doesn’t get too sweaty.

Where do you ride most often?

Downtown mostly, but also to the west side (my gym) and back downtown across the footbridge. Whether it’s to go to the coffee shop to work for a few hours, or out to eat with my wife, Schwinnie Cooper (my bike) will take me there.

Do you ride year round?

I got my bike in the spring so this will be the first crack at winter riding for me. But yes, I’ll be a year-rounder. My wife and I share a car, so if there are times when she’s with the car and I want to get somewhere, I’ll take the bike - even in 10 degree weather.

What’s your favorite riding experience in Manchester?

My regular trips to Cafe La Reine are my favorite. Learning that my pannier snuggles my laptop nicely makes a mid-day coffee/work break painless and much needed. I love it.

What city bike rack do you use most often?

None. I’ve yet to use a rack here. Where are they? I lock up the Schwinn on trees and posts wherever I aim to station myself for a while.

At what locations would you like to see bike racks that don’t currently have them?

I suppose it’d be nice to see bike racks at every corner or so on Elm street. Yeah I know, I’m dreaming.